Saturday, March 13, 2010

I've Been Everywhere, Man...

In the past few months, I've been a number of places and in various states. In most recent weeks, I've been to Dallas, my hometown of Mabank, TX (shout-out), Owensboro, KY, St. Louis, MO, across the ridiculously cold state of Iowa (Woot!), and down through Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma on my way back to Texas. I decided that while driving through Arkansas on my way to Kentucky was no fun at all, Missouri was a pleasant surprise. The "Show Me" state sure did show itself.

Here are some fun pics from the trip to St. Louis and the Arch

I was such a wonderful thing to see the country in which I live. However, it is quite a feat to pack and re-pack every time I go somewhere. When I left San Antonio last August, I gave up my apartment, sold or gave away most of my furniture, and put my clothes and the rest of my things in storage. While it may sound like I've gotten rid of much of my stuff, it has left me with the burden of carrying all these extra items in my car. So basically, I've been living out of my car for the last least.

This fact makes it much sweeter when I have a "temporary," permanent place to live. I know, oxymoron. But really, when someone invites me to stay for a week or so, I kinda feel like I have the opportunity to spread not carry everything I own in the back of my car. It's quite nice. Of course, these past few months have just given me time to get rid of more of my things, to look through the tubs of clothes I have stored away and decide if I'm really ever going to wear that wrap skirt that I've been saving since 1995. Kidding on the skirt. What I'm not kidding about is how much "stuff" I feel like I still have. When I was packing up all my clothes I looked at how much I couldn't fit in my THREE suitcases and thought to myself, "I feel like a greedy American." While the amount I have may not be as much as some, I look at it all and know that I'm about to move overseas to work with people that don't have even a quarter of what I have.

So...decisions to decisions. What to take and what to leave. I guess there will be harder things I'll have to do.

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