Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sign of the Times...

No, not an apocalyptic blog post (even though I firmly believe we are in the "last days" as described in the Bible.) However, since I am quickly approaching the year anniversary of my arrival to Romania, I took stock of the last year and realized I've grown quite accustomed to my new home. So here's my Top Ten...

Top Ten Signs You've Grown Accustomed to Life in Romania

10. You see a living horse lying in the grass on the side of the road...and you assume it's dead.
9. The use of garlic for everything is neither strange or uncommon.
8. It feels rude not to cover your mouth when you use a toothpick.
7. You no longer laugh when you see dogs obeying the law by crossing at the crosswalk.
6. You find yourself looking for space on the sidewalk to park.
5. Driving on a highway is a huge thrill!
4. You notice fences along said highway and remember that is actually normal in the States.
3. Backing-in to a parking space has become the preferred method of parking.
2. It is strange to eat with the fork in the right-hand.
AND #1
Dr. Pepper tastes disgusting!

All you loyal DP fans will probably gasp in disbelief at #1, but I assure you it is true. A friend sent me DP flavored ice pops...you know, the liquid, sugar-filled tubes you put in the freezer? Anyway, I decided to break one out the other day. And YUCK! My taste for soda has completely changed. It's just too sad to even go on about it. How I loved my DP.

None of these changes are weird or strange, just the way it goes when you exchange one culture for another. One thing I hope I am always accustomed to is change. I am thankful for the opportunities that I have to do it, and the change in perspective it brings about.