Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...

First off, let me tell you that I experienced a trauma today. Yes, a trauma. I don't experience many but this one was well, let me just be redundant...traumatic. After months of knowing the day would come, I finally faced my fear and dropped off my kitty, Moxie, at her new home. It was sad, and yes, I cried. I thank my dear friend Brande for being her adopted mommy for the next however many years, but I will miss her terribly.

Now for the real post...

There have been several questions regarding my schedule over the next four to five months so I'd like to put it out here in blogosphere. I leave tomorrow for a 10-day trip to Romania. I return late Aug 22 and have until the 24th to move/get rid of the rest of my things before I leave town on the morning of the 25th. From San Antonio, I drive to Dallas to visit family before I head up to Libby, Montana. In Libby, I will spend four months at Mountainside Missionary Training through International Messengers (links for these are posted on the left.) I will be done with MMT mid-December, after which I will return to the SA area in hopes of finalizing things for the big move overseas. If all goes well, I will be completely funded by mid-late January and will leave for Romania then. As far as communication while I'm in both Romania and Montana goes, I will have internet and phone access in both places. I also have Skype, so feel free shoot me an email requesting my username if you'd like to talk! It will be good to hear from anyone and everyone while overseas...and will be a much needed pick-me-up at times, I'm sure.

So I sign off for now until I return on the 22nd. Take care of this side of the ocean for me!

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