Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Places at Once...

Have you ever been in two places at once? Sure, there's the occasional trip to Texarkana, but who's counting that?

This last week I had a rare privilege. Despite being scared for my life on the front end of a boat with a Romania police officer at the helm, I managed to be in a channel on the Danube that is both Romanian and Serbian. Thus, I was in two places at once. I lead a team from Crossbridge Community Church to a resort near the Romania/Serbian border to conduct an evangelistic camp for 17 young adults with HIV. The results of this trip were amazing. Not only did the Lord touch the heart of the young adults at the camp, He forever changed those of the team members.

For me, there was incredible peace at this year's camp. The past two years have been particularly hard for me, unsettling even, as I was fighting what I knew the Lord intended for me...relocation to Romania. However, now that I've relinquished my control and am seeking what I know is the best possible thing (obedience), I felt the most unbelievable peace while at camp. It truly was a "peace that surpasses all understanding" as the Bible describes. So I'm ready to take the jump into the unknown. A little exciting and a little unnerving, but I'm spinning my wheels in the States at this point and possibly even sinking into the mud.

So even though I press on toward the goal to win the prize, I leave behind incredible friends and family that truly love and support me. I guess you could say that in a way, my heart feels like it is in two places at once. My head however, feels like it is in three places at once. Today, August 24th, is my last official day in San Antonio. The movers are coming at 9:00 am to remove my bedroom furniture and relocating it to the home of a friend who offered to store it for me after reading my last blog post (thanks Nicole!) A few more friends, along with my mother, are coming over today to help pack up the remaining odds/ends as well as clean the wonderful apartment I've called home for the last year. It's been quite a strange process as I know I get rid of most of these things to never see again. So as I put things in boxes and hand my worldly possessions over to friends, I know that I do so with a much greater reward in store. I only hope I can truly live a life worthy of that reward.


  1. hey girl! Wow, i just found your blog via facebook and I was just blown away at your new venture!! I will be praying for you sister!!

  2. You were ON A BOAT!! I am guessing that you were not drinking Santana champ, though... I was flippin' copies. I'm glad you're finding the peace that has eluded you. I miss you!

  3. Thanks, Ladies! I look forward to continuing to share my adventures with you! And yes sad you are still flipping copies at that place that shall not be named...However, when's the next time you're going to be in Washington? I'm just a jaunt away you know!

    And Cami...gorgeous family! Just checked out your excited you found me on here 'cause now I can read all about the Mariano Madness!