Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Miracles Among Us...

When the Lord wants you to go somewhere, He certainly let's you know it! The fundraiser on Saturday night was a huge success. Over $7000 has been raised so far in one-time donations, and 22% of my monthly need over the next two years has been pledged. Also, it is my goal to have 35 people a week (five people a day) committed in prayer for me while I am in Romania. 14 people have responded so far, which makes my prayer goal 40% complete! And the blessings do not stop there....

Over the past few weeks, I've been balancing several things: work, coordinating the church short-term trip to Romania, sending out newsletters, and getting ready for the fundraiser. In these last few weeks, I did not had the time to make a list of furniture items I was needing to sell. However, the Lord has made sure to take care of that for me. Example #1 - One Sunday afternoon at lunch, two friends mentioned they are moving into a new apartment and will be renting a washer and dryer. I asked if they would be interested in purchasing my set for less than what they would rent and BAM! the washer and dryer are spoken for. Example #2 - That same week a coworker stopped me on the way to my desk and asked if I was selling any furniture. After sending her pictures of my love seat and couch...BAM! Another purchase made. Example #3 - About a week after the first two incidents, another coworker asked if I was selling any furniture and she claimed the last of my furniture sale.

With the majority of my items sold, I'm down to family heirloom pieces only. No, I will not be selling these, but I am looking for a cheap storage facility. Perhaps someone's house? If you know of anyone that wouldn't mind keeping an armoire, dresser with tri-fold mirror, queen-size bed, and a round wooden kitchen table for the next five months, please let me know. However, with all the blessings I've seen over the last several weeks, I wouldn't be surprised if I received a phone call or email from someone asking me if they can store my stuff.

Thank you, Lord!

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