Thursday, January 7, 2010

ER is not just a TV show...

Well, it seems that a week-long bout with a stomach virus left me dehydrated, low in potassium, and with some kind of bacterial infection. Not really the welcome back to Texas that I wanted, but what can I say? When I do "sick," I do it RIGHT!

Like any good patient, I waited until the pain from the cramping got so unbearable that I had to call my friends in Round Rock to come pick me up from a gas station along I-35 in Jarrell. Random place to be, I know. Can someone say, "Drama Queen?" As silly as I felt needing help, I was certainly grateful for Drenda and Robert Young to drop everything to come to my aid. Drenda especially, as she sat with me for 3.5 hours while we awaited the blood work to find out what was wrong. The BEST thing was that once admitted, I was given morphine in my IV. Needless to say, everything was as "right as rain" after that.

The following picture was taken after the morphine was freely flowing. I needed something to commemorate my drama-filled new year.

Notice my socks are still on...yeah, that's the way I roll. Here's to a drama-free (from this point on) 2010!

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