Monday, September 14, 2009

Hollywood, Strip Malls, and Asbestos...

Oh, my! I found out something very interesting about Libby, MT this weekend (the town where I'm living,) well okay...maybe four things:

One: When you live in an area without a Wal-Mart or any kind of "shopping" at all, it becomes very exciting to visit a city that does have those things. Hence, the excitement regarding my trip to Kalispell this past weekend. I went to Target, Wal-Mart, Ross, and TJ Max! What's a girl to do!

Two: Libby, Montana has the highest rate of Asbestos poisoning in the world. Apparently, President Obama gave 6 billion dollars to Libby residents affected with asbestosis back in the spring...and this place became a media frenzy. However, it has negatively affected the town because now that all those residents have money, they don't work. The economy is really depressed here. If you want to read about it yourself, you can google "asbestos" and "Libby, Montana." I was amazed at all the information that popped up!

Three: The movie, "Always" was filmed at Libby airport (think tiny...only little planes fly out of here). I love that movie and now feel proud to be temporarily located here. Another film called, "Devil's Pond" starring Tara Reed, was filmed at local lake here as well. The starring actress's name should give a clue to how great of a movie this was.

Four: Libby has more casinos per square mile radius than in Las Vegas. Seriously, I've seen the statistics.

Who woulda thunk it?

Side note: I know some of you have been asking for pictures of my recent trip to Romania, Yellowstone, etc. I just got my new computer and will be downloading them in a slideshow shortly!

Also, for those of you that have been wanting an updated mailing address...check my facebook page or email me directly. I'm not one to put a physical address on cyberspace to see!

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