Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free at Last, Free at Last...

Tonight I sit thinking...
Thinking of two little girls who are spending their first night in a new place. Oh, they're not really "little girls" in age, but in so many different ways. For one of these girls, it's her first night outside of an orphanage...EVER. For another, it's a night's peace.

What a word I take for granted...A state that I have known all my life. Sure, I've had my trials, but in reality, I've had peace. What a day this must be for Ana-maria, the 22 year-old that's never lived outside a government institution. A girl, who today, has the opportunity to start a brand new life. A life where she can take care of herself...where she can live in a place where she will NOT be looked down upon...a place where she has us, her spiritual family, to help her grow and mature in her relationship with Jesus. I can't imagine her excitement...I can't imagine her fear...I can't imagine how badly she's wanted it and now it's here...Freedom.

Another word/state I take for granted. As an American, I don't know life without freedom. As a Christian, I struggle with walking in it. For Ane, this word/state has come with great price. Due to an impossible family situation, Ane was "cut free" of her home 4-6 months ago. Able to stay with friends until the last two weeks, she has had a tough time living on her own. Without family support and a stable place to live, (not to mention a healthy friend base) Ane was in a difficult situation.

Today, we (Joshua Project staff), had the privilege of moving these two girls into an apartment in Resita. Through donations we were able to provide housing for Ana-maria and Ane who were in desperate need. We may not be able to do it for all the children we serve at JP World Ministries, but Praise God we could do it for these girls.

But there are so many more. So many more that it makes my head spin. So many that go to bed each night without knowing a Father's love. So many that wake up each day not knowing that there is a purpose and a plan for their life. So many that we could help.

We can't help unless you help. Will you help? Will you be one of the few that stand with us and serve these neglected, forgotten children? Will you help them


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