Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Asian Faces On My Wall...

A little deviation from the usual.

I realized after looking at a recent purchase of photo frames that I failed to post updated pics of my newly painted apartment. These photo frames hang, mockingly, as I do not have any pictures to put in them. Instead of my adorable, bright-eyed nieces and nephews, I'm stuck with Asian children I do not know glaring back at me. Okay, so maybe they're smiling back at me. You get the point, though. Hopefully, we'll receive the next shipment from the US soon and I will be able to hang the pictures sent by my sweet sister-in-law while wearing the new fuzzy robe purchased by my mom. Ahh, the little tidbits of home, so sweet :-)

First up...the bedroom. You can't really see the faint blue color I put on the walls, but it is definitely a cool addition to what has become my "escape." The paint color, and the fact that I have a serta mattress topper really helps make this a serene area I love:-)

Before paint, rug, and swanky light...and after.

Next, my faux hallway (really just the area in between my bathroom, bedroom, and front door.)

Say it with me, "ahhhh." I doubt I'm the only one that's thankful the green is gone :-) Not to forget I got rid of the "energy saver" bulb which cast a yellow/green hue.

And lastly, the kitchen. I still have some work to do here, but it's so much better with that "lovely" pistachio color. Blech....

Before the paint job that took me two hours each coat...(just the kitchen took that long and there were 3 coats!)

Another area of my apartment (after the door, across from the couch and smashed up against the fridge) that make it feel cozy.

Like I said, still have work to do, but after 2-3 months of trying to put the apartment together I took a break. Frankly, I just got tired of buying stuff. Maybe I'll get some inspiration from the pictures coming my way...can you tell I'm excited about pictures of family and friends?

Any ideas are welcome, however, that doesn't mean what I need for those ideas are actually available here. It's okay, because it teaches me to be content. So until then, I'll just smile back at the Asian faces on my wall....


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