Sunday, September 19, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

A few things I love about living in Romania. Some are serious "loves" and others are just funny mishaps.

1) Just because an item is pictured a certain way on the box, it does not mean it will look like that on the inside.
*When purchasing, let's say...a floating shelf for your kitchen wall that you found for a really great deal at your local grocery store, do not assume that because it shows 3 shelves in the picture, there will be 3 shelves in the box. In fact, expect one, very large shelf that neither looks good or goes with the decor in your kitchen.

2) Always check your stuff.
*After making sure that what you are going to purchase is actually indeed what you want to purchase (see #1), make sure that all the parts for said purchase are included in the box. Often times, they are magically "missing" from the box. Once I purchased a paper lamp that was missing the metal rods used to hold it up. Can't really have a lamp without the support for the shade, now can I?

3) It's okay to consume massive amounts of food...really, it's good for you!
*Seriously...what is up with the preservative pumped, chemical laden, poor quality of American food? Pretty much everything I've eaten in this country is better than the American counter-part. Even the Romanian version of Pizza Hut kicks some serious butt. And to thank me, my body is about 15 lbs lighter...or 6.8 kg. (And has nothing to do with walking more. We have cars.)

4) Always lock your door.
*Do this ESPECIALLY if your apartment once was a political office, or else the next time you step of the shower might prove to be a little embarrassing for your would-be supporters.

5) Double check the translation, or better yet, the translator.
*When wanting to say, "God Bless You" in Romanian, it's best to go with your instinct and not repeat the said phrase in another language. Be cautious, especially when those around you are snickering in amusement or else you might end up saying, "God Electrocute You."

6) If you think you're being too loud, everyone else probably agrees with you.
*In case you've never traveled outside of the United States...Americans in general, talk WAY louder than everyone else. It's actually quite embarrassing. EEK!

7) Coffee, or cafea, actually does the job it's supposed to and wakes me up in the morning!
*Side note: I've never had a headache like the one I had the morning I went without a cup of coffee. To quote a friend: one Romanian coffee is like 7 American coffees. I'm starting to believe her!

8) Watch where you step.
*While you may enjoy walking in the square to admire the architecture, watch where you step, or else you may run into some "good luck" (a.k.a. dog poop) or break your ankle. Neither of which I've experienced, Praise God!

9) If you see something you want, you better buy it.
*The old saying, "here today, gone tomorrow," is definitely at work here in Romania.

10) Don't take yourself so seriously.
*It's okay to laugh at yourself...and frequently if you must. Chances are, those that are watching in confusion while you make an idiot of yourself are probably just thinking, "there goes that crazy American." And in this case, they're probably right :-)



  1. made me laugh out you! and keep the updates coming!!!!

  2. I'm struggling to believe that Pizza Hut is good anywhere on the planet, but you're right, if the ingredients are better, the product will be better. I EXPECIALLY laughed about your observations about volume...considering that even here, you and I are usually the loudest people around! xxoo

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  4. Well for real, KK. It's seriously good. I had my doubts too, until I tried it. Wish you were here to try it with me...not to mention the incredible Italian place at the mall in Timisoara. I have NEVER had Italian food that good!

    and ehh...talking quietly is for losers. ha!